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Facilitation vs. Instruction

While the two words are sometimes used interchangeably, there is a big difference between facilitation and training or instruction. 

Facilitation is less telling and more acting as a guide to help participants engage in creating, discovering and applying learning insights, according to the Association for Talent Development. 

Training and Instructing is about delivering content that is provided or created by the speaker to the learners with less interaction and more direction.

Less Telling, More Doing

Lisa can do both facilitate and instruct with ease, and generally speaking, there is hardly ever a time when she will instruct without some facilitation being involved. Why, you might ask? Because Lisa doesn't believe instructing alone is the best way to learn. Memories of sitting in a college lecture hall trying to keep herself from falling asleep comes to mind regularly when Lisa sits in an instruction-only class or webinar.

Instructing learners is a great method for teaching new material for a very short amount of time (30 mins max), but to remember and really have the learning stick, a lot more has to happen. 

Creating engaging, interactive moments, connecting learners together, offering up storytelling and real-world application, all while using brain science to help create emotional connections to the material are just some of the ways Lisa likes to cement the learning and growth for participants. Action planning is another one and instances for continuing learning-on-the-job are two more.

If you are interested in learning more about Lisa's pricing and hiring Lisa for a facilitation, instruction or public speaking gig, please email her at

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