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Leadership and Career Development

Lisa Spinelli Consulting


Lisa provides leadership and career coaching for professionals in their current roles and those in career transition. 

She cultivates a safe and empathetic space for her clients so they can deep-dive fearlessly into their values, communication styles, EQ, and leadership practices. She engages her clients in self-awareness to provide a path towards true transformation.


Lisa creates, manages and produces career and leadership development events both online and in-person. She has experience in creating webinars, workshops, career centers at conferences, as well as small conferences up to 1,000 people.

A natural storyteller and caregiver, Lisa uses her communication skills and boundless energy to motivate ,help and inspire others at her events. 


Do you need some energy infused into your workshops and trainings? If you have met Lisa, you know she is a high-energy, positive facilitator and group orchestrator. She uses her extroverted personality, #1 Clifton Strength of positivity, and expert-level communication and EQ skills to create a fun and informative experience for all who attend her workshops and trainings. 

If you need learning content developed for the training or workshop, that can be added on as well. 



Lisa Spinelli is a sought-after leadership and career coach, career and leadership development events producer and workshop facilitator. She is certified by the International Coaching Federation as an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) and thrives on helping develop others in their careers and well-being.

Because her father was a lifelong public servant (US Army, NYPD and CIA) and husband recently retired from the USAF, she loves coaching and developing public servants to help them grow their careers, increase their EQ and achieve self-awareness.

Anyone who knows Lisa will tell you she is a high-energy, positive force of nature that truly cares about others, her work and family. She is always willing to take time out of her day to connect with others and to connect others together as well. 


"Lisa is one of those people who would be good at anything she does. I have seen her organize events, lead a podcast, mediate on disputes. She has a natural confidence and willingness to do whatever it takes to make things happen; and at the same time, she has this uncanny way of being able to authentically connect with anyone she meets. Her success as a professional is partly due to her ability to build trust and engage with people on a truly human level. Her commitment to the people she works with is steadfast and commendable."

Personal Branding Guru, Author and Speaker

William Arruda

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